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Bette on MSN CHAT

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Bette on MSN CHAT

DishDiva : Welcome to tonight's special event with Actress/Recording Artist, the Divine Miss M herself, Bette Midler. We are in auditorium mode tonight. If you have a question for Bette, whisper your question to Ask_Questions_Live. If you have a comment or question about the chat, whisper any of the hosts listed to your right. Have a great time!
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Host_Joan_LiveEvents : I assure you it is the real Bette Midler answering questions
Guide_RebeccaS : I can see you dutchnuts
Guide_RebeccaS : ok, are you ready?
Guide_RebeccaS : OMG!! she's in the studio!
Guide_RebeccaS : what an outfit
Host_Joan_LiveEvents : Yes Bette Midler will be in this room to answer your questions
Guide_RebeccaS : my friends, there are so many epople in this room right now that if I don't answer your whispers, you'll know it's because so many of you are whispering at once, ok?
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<MSN Event Manager> Bette Midler answers your questions from the crazy days of the 70's to her new success on the small screen. Chat with Bette now at
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DishDiva : Hi everyone! We will be welcoming Bette Midler to MSN Live in just a few moments!
Guide_RebeccaS : She's getting ready, what a lady
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DishDiva : We'll be talking with Bette about her newest CD, "Bette" and her new CBS show.
Host_Joan_LiveEvents : To ask our guest a question you must whisper it to the "ASK_Question bot" in ONSTAGE at the top of the list of names. If you just say it to the room or whisper another host, it will not be seen.
DishDiva : The transcript of this event will be available tomorrow in MSN Live.
Guide_RebeccaS : chatter dears, please remember to whisper your questions to the ask_question_host, if you don't, the will be lost
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Guide_RebeccaS : short N sweet, the reason is that there are thousands of people here
Guide_RebeccaS : READY???
Guide_RebeccaS : She here!
Guide_RebeccaS : Let's here it for the Divine Miss M!
Guide_Trish : Nearly here
Host_Joan_LiveEvents : Everyone ready for their pretty glasses?
Guide_Trish : its so exciting
Guide_Trish :
Guide_RebeccaS : give me some fans screams!
Guide_Trish : Diva Dish will interview Skye
DishDiva : Welcome to MSN Live! Tonight we are proud to present the Divine Miss M herself-- Bette Midler whose newest projects include her CD, "Bette" (Warner Brothers) and her new show, "Bette" (CBS).
DishDiva : Please help me welcome Bette Midler to MSN Live!
Bette_Midler_Live : Eeek!!! I can't believe you're all here! This is great! I love technology.
DishDiva : Since you're a fan of technology yourself, do you go online a lot yourself?
Bette_Midler_Live : Mostly I just do research and it's just great for that.
DishDiva : I know you have a lot of projects going right now. Is it ever hard to keep all the balls in the air at once?
Bette_Midler_Live : It sure is! Most of the time my head is spinning. I'm on a hiatus week this week trying to put all the fires out, but they're raging.
DishDiva : Do you shoot in LA or NY?
Bette_Midler_Live : I have 8 more shows in NY and then I go back to LA.
DishDiva : karwev1 Asks: We all really admire you, and get really excited about events like these. If you could choose one person you admire as much as this, who would it be?
Bette_Midler_Live : Gosh what a great question! I would have liked to have talked to Charlie Chaplin before he passed away. I didn't meet John Lennon, I have met the others, but I wish I could have met John Lennon.
DishDiva : sweetcakes Asks: HaVe you ever wanted to be something else besides a singer?
Bette_Midler_Live : Sweetcakes, what a cute name. I wanted to be an actress more than anything and fell into music when I couldn't get jobs. I fell in love with music, it just strangely happened.
DishDiva : PlatinumDiva2 Asks: Aloha, Bette! You seem to have such confidence when you perfrom. Have you ever had stage fright? If so, how did you get over it?
Bette_Midler_Live : Aloha!
Bette_Midler_Live : I always have serious stage fright, but once I set foot on stage I'm fine. It's like going into cold water, you don't want to put the first foot in.
DishDiva : MLD1961 Asks: When you first started performing in new york, what was it like then as compared to now?
Bette_Midler_Live : It was much quieter and sleepier. The audiences were really excited but they were all acoustic instruments, so it was kind of similar but the volume was very turned down. You had the feeling you were dealing with humans. I think that was one of the reasons I became so popular. There was a strong identification with someone that was close to
Bette_Midler_Live : themselves and I was glad about that.
DishDiva : >AUSgirl Asks: Do you have a particular time in your career that you are most fond of?

>AUSgirl Asks: Do you have a particular time in your career that you are most fond of?
Bette_Midler_Live : I have to say the early '70s were a riot, when I first hit the big time. I met a lot of wonderful people, it was just a great time and lots of doors opened up. When that first happens to you, you can never equal it. Everything is brand new. In your life things happen to you over and over and you get used to it. So I would have to say the early 70's
DishDiva : Do you still have any of those clothes?
Bette_Midler_Live : besides, I have a lot of fabulous clothes.
Bette_Midler_Live : Yes, my daughter is always raiding my wardrobe.
DishDiva : TemporaryAngel1 Asks: Of all the songs you have performed, which one has touched you the most, and why?
Bette_Midler_Live : I can't believe they are back in style, I think after you wear things 3 times, it should be retired. (laugh)
Bette_Midler_Live : I would say "Shiver Me Timbers" it's got such magic and regret in it. People often ask me to make box sets and pick the ones I like the best and that's always the one I pick. It's also about water and I've always been drawn to rivers and lakes, even though I'm a fire sign. I think it's part of my nature, being so water minded, draws me to that song
<MSN Event Manager> Bette Midler answers your questions from the crazy days of the 70's to her new success on the small screen. Chat with Bette now at
Bette_Midler_Live : Besides, it's written by Tom Waits who is still one of the best songwriters in my book.
DishDiva : AlohaBette says: Hi Bette! What is your experience making a CD?
Bette_Midler_Live : Well they're all different. This last one was a great experience. I had Don Was and Ed Churney and they are like brothers and kept me laughing the whole time. I think the good time I had really showed. Also I had my own band and they were really funny. There's nothing like being in a studio all day laughing your head off. Most of them are more
Bette_Midler_Live : sober than that, I like them all, they are like my children, but this last one was really special.
DishDiva : beehive says: "Love TKO" is a great song. What was the process like choosing the music for this CD?
Bette_Midler_Live : I had a lot of people handing me cassetts and working going through song writers material. I had a friend Bill Culman who brought me "In These Shoes." A couple of those things, when I first spoke to Don, he's old school R&B, we were compairing artists we like and we were both Bobby Womak fans and "Love TKO." When I heard the original version it
Bette_Midler_Live : really got to me. I found the sadness in it very moving and I knew right away it was a song I wanted to sing and I think it's one of the best on the album. We mixed it in a hurry because "Sex and the City" asked for something, so we sent that to them. We tried to remix it, but we couldn't beat that first version, so that's the version you hear.
Bette_Midler_Live : I was at the Golden Globes and one of the most wonderful things that happened was that the security guards told me he liked my version better than Teddy's. (laugh) I loved that. Teddy was a genius, I still dance around to his music "The Love I Lost" and "Bad Luck."
DishDiva : healingvoices says: Hi Bette! This is a thrill for me to meet you! Have you ever written a song for Sophie?
Bette_Midler_Live : Oh I've written many songs for her. "The Wig Song" about how wearing a wig will make you a fabulous person. I wrote "Ooops I Got a Bo-Bo." When she was learning to speak and would try and say a word, we would make up a song about it. She remembers them all and we still sing them on road trips.
DishDiva : So is a children's album in the future?
Bette_Midler_Live : It's always on my mind, I like to be in that emotional space of childhood and how everything is enchanted. I really enjoy that. I hadn't put any work behind it, but that kind of music really is my favorite. I'm glad you asked me that, I think that's what I need to do next. Everything happens for a reason, I'm going to take a note on that.
Bette_Midler_Live : I wrote a children's book "The Saga Of Baby Divine" and we might do an anamated series on that, it's still being worked out, maybe it will be something to talk about in a couple of months.
DishDiva : kiwimunchi Asks: How far are the characters that you portray on the screen an extention of the real Bette Midler?
Bette_Midler_Live : Well I can put that on pretty easily, but I'm pretty straight in real life. I don't have the time or energy to carry on like that, but that's what I do and it's kind of like a brand. People like the fact that I go off the deep end and that I'm looney. In real life you have to pay the bills and meet the plumber at the door. I'm just glad I have the
Bette_Midler_Live : chance to express it, otherwise I might go postal. (laugh)
DishDiva : dvinemissp Asks: miss m., in an episode of "bette", you forgot to thank your husband, roy, in your acceptance speech. when you do win that well-deserved emmy, who will you really thank and why?
Bette_Midler_Live : I went to the Golden Globes and I had a little speach and when I didn't win (my table 124) asked me to read my speach for them. I would have to thank the writers more than anyone. They are really hillarious, the director Andrew Weiman, is wonderful. Also Bob Turice is the wardrobe guy and I would have to thank him, he's really broken his neck for
Bette_Midler_Live : me.
DishDiva : And then of course, you would thank your husband? (laughs)
Bette_Midler_Live : (laugh) No, I wouldn't thank my husband. We didn't know how much hard work it was going to be. We are all rolling our eyes now. We get a kick out of what's produced. The hard work element is way more than we expected. It's hard to get me off the couch, once I'm off, I'm speedy, but to get me up you need a crowbar. (laugh)
Bette_Midler_Live : But we're all running now
DishDiva : Musicbuddy says: Hi Bette! You have a real style. Which designers do you wear on the show and in real life?
Bette_Midler_Live : Well we do a lot of stuff, since I lost all this weight, I have to say I really love Pam Dennis. I started wearing her clothes in 1992. She's in all sorts of wonderful places and I've watched her grow over the years and she hasn't lost her kindness. Cynthia Rowley has always been kind to me. She wrote a book "A Girl's Guide to a Swell Life."
Bette_Midler_Live : She dresses in leather and is very Avante Garde. They're in the same building and they are both wonderful.
DishDiva : That book is sensational by the way!
<MSN Event Manager> Bette Midler answers your questions from the crazy days of the 70's to her new success on the small screen. Chat with Bette now at
Bette_Midler_Live : Yes, every woman should read it. In the old days, you go through all that, that finishing school nonsense, but now you don't get anything. You're parents used to tell you these things, but now no one knows them.
Bette_Midler_Live : Also Penelope Francis has a shop called Fifi and Romeo. It's like a low version of Christian Dior. She did a Hollywood versions, that shouldn't be missed. Everything is so terribly hideously expensive, so I don't shop there. It's fashions for you and your dog.
DishDiva : petiteone_5 Asks: How do you stay so youthful? I am the same age that you are and do not have the pep and energy you do. What is your secret?
Bette_Midler_Live : What age would that be? (laugh)
Bette_Midler_Live : Actually I think it's genetic, it's just in the genes, I just got lucky.
DishDiva : Amarna1 Asks: what was your most rewarding theatrical experience? your most horrifying?
Bette_Midler_Live : I think the most horrifying was when I was fired from a show for throwing a wig off on stage. The most rewarding, I've done a thousand fabulous shows and it's mostly the audience that makes it wonderful.
Bette_Midler_Live : Many many shows in New York City, and I have a great time in Boston and Minneapolis. You know where they really love me? Spokan. They are really glad to see me there. Every place has their own personality, pretty, fun. That's why I like to go on the road, you can tell a lot about people/nation by going from town to town.
DishDiva : We really love you in Seattle too!
DishDiva : RedheadNichole Asks: We know that last year you recorded Mary. Will it be on your next CD?
Bette_Midler_Live : I think so. In fact I know so. I must have cut that song 6 or 7 times and never got the right cut. But it will be on the next album, unless the next album is a children's album, then you'll have to wait. (laugh)
DishDiva : cool0703 Asks: What side of the family is the humor from?
Bette_Midler_Live : I think it's from my father's side. Although my mother's sister's son was hillarious. Once again Gene Pool. (laugh)
DishDiva : Eleannnorigby Asks: How do you chose were you will tour? to you only go to heard of and popular places? i dont recall u ever coming to maine
Bette_Midler_Live : I always say I don't to go north in the winter, so depending on the season. If it's winter, I start in the south and move up north. I don't like to travel in the snow, the cold is hard on my voice. We go where we'll get in the least amount of physical trouble. (laugh)
Bette_Midler_Live : Also where people want us. Some towns don't have a venue, so it depends on what's available. I don't do the booking myself, but I tell them I don't want to get sick, travel far in the bus, or play too many nights in a row. So I try and get the best situation from my crew.
Bette_Midler_Live : If people get cranky, then they get sick and it's a domino effect so I try to pay attention to their needs. Because I'm flyin baby, I'm not getting on that d*** bus. (laugh) So I try and think of them the best I can.
Bette_Midler_Live : I enjoy it, if you plan it properly, it can be so fun. In the old days touring was a nightmare, everyone was so sick, the tours are long and unpleasant. Now it's not, we have a great time, we have great crews, and don't lose anybody, we don't have accidents. We don't always have good food. (laugh)
DishDiva : Is there a tour to support your newest CD, "Bette"?
Bette_Midler_Live : In the middle of April I think I'll try and put something together. I thought the television show would cover it because I sang so much on it. I think this record deserves a shot in the arm, so we'll see.
DishDiva : Belinda02 Asks: If you could retain only one memory of event in your life, what would it be?
Bette_Midler_Live : First of all, that's happening right now. (laugh) As the years go by, I'm remembering less and less...
Bette_Midler_Live : One memory... maybe that phone scene in "The Rose" that was great fun! It came out better than I expected and was so authentic. That's probably my favorite memory.
Bette_Midler_Live : Oh and I have to say "The Johnny Carson Show" people come up and pat me on the back and on the head and remember that as very moving.
DishDiva : frttrf Asks: Hi Bette. How do you like being on a sitcom as opposed to working on movies?
Bette_Midler_Live : I think there's no compairson. Film is so simple, so easy, so slow, compaired to TV, there's no compairison. Those that do feature films wouldn't last a day in TV, it's really hard.
DishDiva : Girlie1977 Asks: My little sister and I have been devoted fans since we were kids... I think we have all of your movies and CDs... what's your favorite movie?
Bette_Midler_Live : I have to say, seriously, "The Rose" was great, but I always thought my work in "Hocus Pocus" was really great. I fell in love with that character. I liked her because she was completely original. Once I found her, I never let her go. You know sometimes in these pictures people knock you around and have to remind you what you're supposed to be
Bette_Midler_Live : doing.
DishDiva : It looked liek you an Kathy Najimy had a great time on that film. Is it ever hard to keep a straight fave when working with fellow comics?
<MSN Event Manager> Bette Midler answers your questions from the crazy days of the 70's to her new success on the small screen. Chat with Bette now at
Bette_Midler_Live : It's the most wonderful thing in the world. I remember "First Wives Club" those woman kept me laughing the whole time. Also in "Scenes from a Mall" I fell down on the floor Woody made me laugh so hard. When you fall down and laugh so hard you cry, I live for that! To totally lose it.
DishDiva : When can we expect "First Wives Club II"?
Bette_Midler_Live : Well.. bad news on that front, we might not do it. We were all set to do it and Goldie decided to do something else and they didn't want to do the movie without her. We're hoping that she'll change her mind, but we'll see. I really liked the script and I think it would have been a crowd pleaser.
DishDiva : CajunRogue Asks: What is one role that you would love to play?
Bette_Midler_Live : I'm afraid to say because I'll get an offer to do it tomorrow if I do. (laugh) And then I'll have to say no.
Bette_Midler_Live : I played Mama Rose in "Gypsy" and that was great and Edward Albe asked me to play Martha in "Who's
Bette_Midler_Live : Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?" and that's a very exciting role, I may do that before my time is up.
DishDiva : ShoregalNJ Asks: Do you prefer the comedic roles like in First Wives or the more serious roles like in Beaches?
Bette_Midler_Live : I like them all. It depends on who's with you and if the script is good. If it's a great script and the people you're playing with bring something to the party it's a great experience. With movies, each step can be your undoing. They're both great fun to do when the situation is great and everyone is in sync. Either one is fantastic.
DishDiva : lifeisbread Asks: Back in the late 1970's Bette appeared on Saturday Night Live. There was a song that contained the lyrics "poetry and proses". what is the name of the song and is it available on CD?
Bette_Midler_Live : That was "Martha" another Tom Waits song. I think he has a version on one of his records, I never recorded it. It's a beautiful song.
DishDiva : brigeet Asks: In Bette you sing along with the radio. My favorite was when you sang along to "The Thong Song." Do you do that in real life?
Bette_Midler_Live : constantly. (laugh!)
Bette_Midler_Live : Sure, don't you?
Bette_Midler_Live : When I drive in LA everyone is singing at the top of their lungs. They don't sing if the tops are down, only if the windows are up and you can see their heads bobbing around. (laugh0
Bette_Midler_Live : There have been some great novelty songs. I have a great weakness for novelty songs "Thong Songs", "Who Let The Dogs Out", "No Scrubs", "My Baby's Daddy" that was funny!
Bette_Midler_Live : I couldn't sing it because the rap was too fast, but it was some funny stuff.
DishDiva : Do your husband, daughter or agent ever tell you "Don't include this in your show."
Bette_Midler_Live : Yeah, all the time. I say "this is an episode" and they say "don't you dare!!"
DishDiva : Kindl001 Asks: Hey Bette, I saw you many years ago when Barry Manilow was your was a great concert. Were those fun times for you?
Bette_Midler_Live : Those were the early 70's I was talking about earlier. Great fun! Great musicians. The first time I had back-up singers and we called them MGM. They really sang, we just had a ball! We were all about the same age, and the travel and we played Carnege Hall and I wore my baked potato dress made for me by Norma Kamali. Those days, I'll never see
Bette_Midler_Live : something like it again, like I said, there's nothing like the first time.
DishDiva : qgunby Asks: Hi I'm a big fan, and realy admire your work. What would your advice be to a person wants to go into entertainment?
Bette_Midler_Live : Persevere and train. You have to have a major amount of stick-to-itiveness.
Bette_Midler_Live : You can't take no for an answer. The people that survive are the people that stick around the longest.
Bette_Midler_Live : You really have to want it all the way.
DishDiva : yogikelly Asks: I recently read in a magazine interview that you are interested in education reform. Do you have any plans in this regard?
Bette_Midler_Live : I'm going to meet the new Chancellor of the NY board. Something happened in the last 60's where a wrong turn was made and I don't know what it was, I have to figure out what happened historically. I would like to help, I don't know what the answer is, but I'm inching myself toward that in a small way. I work with some schools here in town.
Bette_Midler_Live : Some don't have books, computers, I'm talking about public schools and it's just unexceptable. The kids we're educating aren't going anywhere, they're here, they're citizens. So for that reason I'm very interested.
Bette_Midler_Live : Once I get the knowledge, I'll have a clearer picture of where I'm going.
DishDiva : Bette, is there a teacher who stands out for your personally and why?
Bette_Midler_Live : I had dedicated teachers. I only had a year of college, but in high school I had a teacher Betty Blake Rice, and also Myrna Ishimoto who was a speach teacher and she was wonderful. I wouldn't be where I am today without those 2 ladies, they really kicked me upstairs.
Bette_Midler_Live : I was feeling blue when I started, but I don't feel blue no more
DishDiva : yogikelly Asks: I recently read in a magazine interview that you are interested in education reform. Do you have any plans in this regard?
Bette_Midler_Live : I think it's Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall. He's wonderful, he lives next door and we had lunch not too long ago and he filled us in. I asked what I can make, do, or sell that I could make the kind of money to make a difference. I just wish everyone would do more of it, because there's so much to be done.
DishDiva : So can we expect Bette Midler line of sweets? (laughs)
Bette_Midler_Live : Food is out of the question. (laugh) no food. But we're always thinking. We recently took over a cafe at Fort Tryon Park near The Cloisters Museum and if we can get that running we can have weddings and such to make some money for that park.
Bette_Midler_Live : I also think about selling things online. Like scripts. It's not money for me, but I like the thought of having an endowment that would support schools and underprivilaged kids. And I don't know what happened, it's like the bottom fell out in the 70's. I'd like to get things back on an even keel before I go. I know that sounds insane, but it keeps
Bette_Midler_Live : me going
Bette_Midler_Live : I think it's really important. I've had a lot of fun in my career. I've done so many things and had a lot of failure too. After you know something inside and out, you look around for something else to do and if you're energenic you can find service you can give to others and I think that's what it's all about. If you don't make that leap, I believe
Bette_Midler_Live : in karma and you keep coming back until you get that lesson. I believe this is one of my last times. At least I hope so. (laugh0
DishDiva : You sound very spiritual. Is this an important part of your life?
Bette_Midler_Live : I think the older you get the more spiritual you become. Once you've made your living and raised your family, I think the thought of spiritual life dawns on you. It's the 3rd act, it's the act that prepares you to meet your maker and you have to pay attention to that otherwise I don't think you make your peace. I want to go calmly and peacefully.
DishDiva : and not for awhile. . . (laughs)
Bette_Midler_Live : If I do I would leave behind a bunch of s***. (laugh)
Bette_Midler_Live : You can only collect so much in your life. (laugh)
DishDiva : Bette, this has been such a pleasure spending this evening with you.
DishDiva : Thanks for being our guest tonight on MSN Live! best of luck with your new CD, "Bette" and your show, of course on CBS.
Bette_Midler_Live : Thank you!! Thanks for the memories, thanks for being so stalwart, and patience, and most forgiving bunch in the world. I'm very proud to call you all my fans because you're the smartest in the world!
Sysop_RB : The preceding is ( c ) 2001 MSN Live Thanks to our guest, hosts and to everyone that came to today's chat! Please remember that due to the number of questions received, it was not possible for our guest to answer each one individually. Thanks for coming to MSNLive!

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