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Bette's Fan Section!

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Mikey's Bette Midler Page

Bette's Fan Section!!!

The Bette Midler movie results:

1. Beaches
2. For the Boys
3. Outrageous Fortune and Big Business
4. The Rose and That Old Feeling
5. The 1st Wives Club, Ruthless People, Stella and Hocus Pocus


On the offical Bette Midler club, I posted the following questions and got some replies.....

1. How long have you been a Bette Midler fan?
2. What is your favorite Bette Midler movie?
3. Do you own more than 5 Bette Midler movies?
4. Does the Divine Miss M look better with red or blonde hair?
5. Do you know the words to Bette's theme song?
6. Do you worship another diva?...if yes who?
7. What is your favorite Bette Midler song?
8. What is the best Bette Midler CD?

1. since 1996
2. Big Business, The Rose
3. Of course! Almost every movie.
5. No, 'cuz I'm Italian, and American songs sound very hard to learn!
6. No, Bette is the one!
7. Cradle days, Nobody else but u, Ukulele lady...and STAY WITH ME!!!
8. I dont know, maybe the next one!

Ciao bambini! Hope to be of some help!

1. almost 13 years...come this may...give a little take a little
2. The Rose...and well First Wives Club
3. heck yeah LOL
4. I love her with...blonde
5. " Who's loves me even though I'm crazy..." yes I do lol
6. I don't worship another diva like I worship Bette. I really really really like Barbra Streisand
7. I love them all but I like The Rose...I just always end up singing that song
8. I LOVE For The Boys. and I also like the new Bette cd